About SyPB Beta 1.50 & Known Issues

Hey, I will come back and finish SyPB Beta 1.50.

Dev SyPB is my fun only, I have the work.
On the 2010-2016, I'm students, I have more time to do my interest.
But now, I cannot do it.

I will finish SyPB Beta 1.50.
On my planing, 1.50 have not new function, the version fixed issues only.
If you find other issues, pls report to me.

And, You can get the lastly build on HERE (GitHub) !

Lastly, If SyPB has problem on your cs version (eg: CSBTE/other)
Pls upload your version on 'Google Drive or OneDrive' to me testing, Thank you!

Here Known Issues on SyPB Beta 1.49 & 1.50 PV1
Bot stuck on Ladder


[L4D1/2] Top Damage Player is Killer 1.1

Top Damage Player is Killer
(Version: 1.1)
(Support Lead 4 Dead/ Lead 4 Dead 2 Only)


[CS:S] DeathMatch: Kill Duty Source - Upgrade 1 Available

DeathMatch: Kill Duty Source- Upgrade 1
(Version: 3.0.0)
(Support Counter-Strike: Source Only)


I'm come back

Hey, I will try to re-start my dev work.. But, I'm so busy, dev is my fun only